Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Worm Hole" by Karen Yurkovitch - FRESH PICKS V1 E4

The William Blake quote "to see the universe in a grain of sand" defines our thought-provoking, fourth-ever FRESH PICKS edition, "Worm Hole", by Karen Yurkovich.

Best known for highly-skilled still-life painting that references Renaissance masters, Karen's selection for FRESH PICKS is a photographic view of a fig branch held by the artist's own hand. "Worm Hole" is a unique glimpse into the conceptual underpinnings of Karen's work and her references to art history. Additionally, this artwork is unique to the FRESH PICKS series and available only through Vantage Art Projects.

Karen Yurkovich holds a BFA and MFA from the University of Alberta and completed a mentorship in traditional painting techniques with restorer Giovanni Manuali in Italy in 2000. The artist lives between Perugia, Italy and Vancouver, Canada. She has recently completed two solo shows in Vancouver and in Edmonton, and is represented in the first Biennial in Merano, Italy, "DNArt". She continues to teach, with a special interest in traditional techniques and non-toxic methods in oil painting and anatomical drawing.

Traditionally best known for still life painting, the work for Fresh Picks is a photographic view of a fig branch held by the artist's own hand and titled "Worm Hole".

"This fig branch had something eating through it, both adding to its wabi sabi and detracting from its original pristine beauty while adding a sense of mortality...... I chose a fig branch, because of its use for centuries as a way to camouflage original sin by covering up the genitalia, our most animalistic and human trait. The conflict of religion and human existence. Yet a hole is pierced to let us peak through to our natural state or pure form. A worm hole is also said to be a portal that leads from one plane of spatial existence to another by direct means rather than a long journey. Likewise, we go through life in our imperfect state, trying to reach our perfect state and through the wisdom of imperfection we can achieve a direct link to another plane of thought that is seemingly more perfect or immortal."

Fresh Picks is Vantage Art Projects' series of affordable limited edition fine art prints. The series allows art lovers to own work that is current and representative of the contemporary artscape. It is an unprecedented way for artists to share their work with collectors and art lovers across the world. Released twice a month, the artist and work is first announced to our mailing list and is sold exclusively through the Vantage Art Projects website.

"Worm Hole" is a unique opportunity to collect an image from Karen that is an exclusive release from her photographic archive. It is only available through the Vantage website.

For information on Karen Yurkovich, please visit The artist is represented by the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver and Toronto, the Agnes Bugera Gallery in Edmonton, Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle, and Galleria Della Pina, Pietrasanta Italy.

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