Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Phone Home at Midnight" by Mark DeLong - FRESH PICKS V1 E2

For Immediate Release - Vancouver, BC, October 30, 2008 – Vantage Art Projects is thrilled to present Fresh Picks, our series of affordable limited edition fine art prints.

"Phone Home at Midnight" by Mark Delong is the second edition in the first Fresh Picks series. This artwork incorporates collage and computer graphics with drawing and painting. Done in Mark's signature "urban outsider" style, the artwork is bold, whimsical and playful, and punctuated by vivid day-glo accents.

Mark is a self-taught Vancouver-based artist working in sculpture, video, printing and painting. His work has been shown to a steadily expanding audience. Early this year, TV Books (of "Tiny Vices" fame) published Sbooky Booky his first monograph of drawings, paintings and comics ( Mark is currently preparing for a sixteen-page spread for Pyramid Power with fellow Canadian artist Jason McLean. The images from that series will be used in an upcoming group show at the Nog Gallery in London, England. To date, he has participated in numerous group shows around Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Fresh Picks is Vantage Art Projects' series of affordable limited edition fine art prints. The series allows art lovers to own work that is current and representative of the contemporary artscape. It is an unprecedented way for artists to share their work with collectors and art lovers across the world. Released twice a month, the artist and work is first announced to our mailing list and is sold exclusively through the Vantage Art Projects website.

"Phone Home by Midnight" is a unique opportunity to collect an image from Mark's interesting and innovative body of work. It is only available through the Vantage website. For information on Mark DeLong, visit He is represented by LES Gallery in Vancouver, BC, TV Gallery in New York and Perugi Artecontemporanea Gallery in Padova, IT. Get Mark's FRESH PICK while we can still say that we knew him