Friday, January 30, 2009

"Reminisence" by Fred Fraser FRESH PICKS V1E8

Vantage Art Projects is completely romanced by our new Fresh Pick limited edition. The image has the nostalgic and melancholy aura of a Marilyn Monroe or a Brigit Bardot film still from classic cinema. Almost voyeuristic, for us at Vantage, "Reminisence" is an iconic image of modern beauty.

The method by which Fred created this image is timely and poignant. It is the end of an era in film photography. Polaroid has stopped producing it's instant film, and although Fuji will continue making a type of instant film, it was Polaroid that was synonymous with the medium. More to the point, each type of film stock has always had it's own distinct quality, and it's own champions for that very reason. "Pola, au revoir mon vielle ami".

Fred discovered an old stash of 3"x4" film in his supply cabinet, long out-dated, most unusable. Massaging a few of the packets back to life, approximately a dozen frames were salvaged. An impromptu photo shoot with a willing studio assistant as a model allowed Fred to achieve the goal of simply making an image, instead of capturing a moment. The shoot was entirely for Fred's own enjoyment as a "shooter" and to go back to using the outdated film on a large format camera simply for the pleasure of photography. Fred says "it's difficult to say what the picture is about and I think the picture is it's own best description. When I shoot for pleasure - my pleasure - I shoot what I feel, or what I see. Sometimes the photo is narrative, sometimes it's interpretive or just a selective rendering that draws attention to some color or shape. Often my photos are little visual jokes or puns and usually I am the only person that gets the joke; and that's ok."

Fred Fraser is a Vancouver-based photographer with a successful commercial career. Fred got his education in photography as a result of being a failed piano player. Essentially self-taught, the artists that inspire Fred are more often writers and musicians then other photographers due to how he connects best to the passions of other people. More of Fred's work can be seen at:

Buy "Reminisence" from Fresh Picks now, starting at $45.00.


VANTAGE EXHIBITIONS - "Let Them Eat Cake" at Gallery Atsui (Feb. 6 to 28/09)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Open Call for Artist Submissions - Paul Butler Curated, Exhibition in Print

Vantage Art Projects is super, duper excited to announce our first ever call for submissions for a VANTAGE POINT EXHIBITION-IN-PRINT curated by PAUL BUTLER.

OPENING DATE: Monday, January 26/09
CLOSING DATE: Saturday, March 21/09 (midnight)

30 selected artists will have their work published in a new art book along with a selection of Paul's own work and his collaborations with other artists.

Paul is currently attending “The Mountain School”, an alternative art school in Los Angeles, and will be in term from January to March 2009. All this alternative learning has us thinking about going off-the-grid with our education, doing some home schooling and then some re-tooling. As a result, we're grooving on ideas related to self-taught modes of reading, writing and arithmetic, and maybe even repeating Foundation year just for fun (not).

Luckily, much of Paul's practice involves collaborative activities and, quote unquote, an interest in multidisciplinary, social and alternative pedagogical practices. Artists are invited to submit up to 3 works for consideration in response to the concept: “Community and Collaboration as a Form of Pedagogy”.

What we mean by community and collaboration (and pedagogy) is collective methods of learning and creating. We're thinking this encompasses peer pressure, dating, father-daughter days, Rotarians, elder worship and good old fashioned “keeping up with the Joneses”.

Some other stuff you should know up front:

1) Your entries will be juried blind which is going to level the playing field - Paul won't see any names or resumes when he is selecting the work.

2) There is a small administrative fee to submit which allows us to make this project happen ($40). This is submitted through Pay Pal.

3) Submissions are preferred in electronic format. Our submissions process and rules are clearly outlined on the website.

Although we are accepting entries up to midnight on Saturday, March 21/09, we highly recommend that you try to submit as early as you can. This will ensure that all the technology stuff happens smoothly (full in-boxes and all that). We won't be extending the deadlines because Paul has a plane to catch!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Sherri, Luisa, Jen and Paul.

Click Here to Submit NOW!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Redbeard Rides a House Grave of Green and Yellow" by Sandra Lopuch & Ben Edmiston FRESH PICKS V1E7

Fresh Picks is pleased to release our first edition of a collaborative work. Sandra Lopuch and Benjamin Edmiston's "Redbeard Rides a House Grave of Green and Yellow" is a brand new, unique, mixed media work following on the theme of Redbeard launched at Gallery Atsui in Vancouver in their "No Strings Attached "exhibition in 2008. The edition will be released on Sunday, January 18, 2009.

Canadian West Coast-based Sandra Lopuch, trained at ECIAD, the Carl Malmsten Institute for Wood Technology and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. Sandra is trained as an industrial designer and completed some impressive design internships before teaming up with New York based illustrator Benjamin Edmiston (Ben). Sandra refers to her textile stitchery work as "painting with string".

Ben is originally from Bethlehem, PA. he attended the Tyler School of Art and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He creates imagined civilizations of vibrant, decorated and often moustached characters. Ben's latest group of drawings derives from his interest in seeing the face as an endless template to navigate formal issues. Totem poles, birthday hats, and masked thieves are reoccurring images inhabiting his work.

"Redbeard Rides a House Grave of Green and Yellow", is an original illustration by Ben, embroidered in string by Sandra. The result is a colourful, tactile, multi-layered work.

Fresh Picks is Vantage Art Projects' series of affordable limited edition fine art prints. The series allows art lovers to own work that is current and representative of the contemporary artscape. It is an unprecedented way for artists to share their work with collectors and art lovers across the world. Released twice a month, the artist and work is first announced to our mailing list and is sold exclusively through the Vantage Art Projects website.

Fresh Picks is a unique opportunity to collect an image from Sandra Lopuch and Benjamin Edmiston that is an exclusive release from their collaboration. It is only available through the Vantage website. Buy "Redbeard Rides a Grave House" now.

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