Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Manifestation" by Yechel Gagnon FRESH PICKS V1E6

Vantage Art Projects is excited to announce "Manifestation" by Yechel Gagnon as the sixth edition in the first FRESH PICKS volume!

Yechel Gagnon is an honors graduate in drawing and painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design and holds a MA in Fine Arts, Studio Art from Concordia. A multi-disciplinary artist, Gagnon explores both the pictoral and the sculptural, using plywood as her primary medium. Her museum installations take up entire gallery rooms and create an alternative environment where one is immersed in the palimpsest of her deconstructed/reconstructed materials that are both industrial and organic, manufactured and deliberately hand-made, all at the same time.

"Manifestation" is a digital work that was created during a residency at the National Research for the Contemporary Digital Art in Quebec, and developed as an edition especially for FRESH PICKS. About this edition, Gagnon states:

"The image is a digital work that I created during a residency at the National Research for the Contemporary Digital Art in Quebec. This work is significant because it incorporates all the different facets of my work, by creating a dialogue between my bas-reliefs, the drawings and prints but within the digital realm. This image consists of images of nature, integrated with my carved plywood textures and then I've digitally drawn over the images. This digital work becomes an extension to my practice and is the only one that exists of this series and has never been exhibited, except on my website."

For information on Yechel Gagnon, please visit www.yechelgagnon.com. The artist is represented by the Newzones Contemporary Art Gallery in Calgary and the Moore Gallery in Toronto.

"Manifestation" is a unique opportunity to collect an image from Yechel Gagnon that is an exclusive release from her archive.

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