Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Sugar Rush" by Anna Wood - FRESH PICKS V1E18

"A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3"

As June comes to a close, Anna Wood takes us back to our childhood games of hopscotch and alphabet with her untitled collage, nick-named by us "Sugar Rush".

This candy-coated artwork comes from a now venerable tradition. Collage, formally coined by Braque and Picasso in the last century, is as familiar in the playschool as it is in modern art. Images and text edited from other sources, glued together in an assemblage to create something new. Anna Wood draws from childhood memories of board games with her brother in this work. She has literally deconstructed the games of her youth to express her concerns of today. Anna is a Vancouver-based visual artist who has grown up around art and sculpture - her father is well-known BC-artist Alan Wood.

Anna's playful, colourful works on paper are musings of the artist's mind, a mix of nostalgia with a strong sense of moving forward albeit in a purposely discursive, adventitious, inquisitive way. The topographical map elements in this collage also hint at the adrenaline rush associated with a good old fashioned land-grab.

Buy "Sugar Rush" now and see if you get to slide on a Winegum, get stuck in a Toffee Pudding or go directly to a Sherbert Jet Fountain! (Dice not included. Not recommended for boring adults.)

Buy "Sugar Rush" starting at $45+!