Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sascha Yamashita –FAILED DRAWINGS

Sascha appears courtesy of Gallery Atsui, where he is both a co-founder and a director.

His installation FAILED DRAWINGS (working title) suspends slightly over-scaled, crumpled drawings from an upper corner of the gallery wall. The crumpled forms seem to have been collected from either an oversized toddlers playroom floor, or from a writers typewriter-side wastepaper basket – evidence of the effort to try over and over again to get the opening lines just right. This illusion to writing, literature and therefore narrative plays off of the highly narrative content in Lisa's work. Furthermore, the crumpled paper forms suspended from the wall seem as if they have floated over on the billowing clouds from the mural, connecting the two works in both a conceptual and a formal manner. Ironically, given the illusion in this artwork to artistic failure, Sascha is known by his peers for (amongst other things) having very good drawing skills.

This work is in keeping with Sascha's minimal aesthetic and his work with repetition, everyday materials and the accumulation of simple materials. In this installation, the 2-dimensional discarded drawings have been given second life, repurposed and re-contextualized as a sculptural installation - the forms elevated from the floor or the wastepaper basket to floating ephemeral clouds of inspiration.

Sascha's work in it's current form will be on view until Monday, June 15th, 7:00 p.m. The next artist to work on the installation is Christopher Donnelly who will be working over top of and around Sascha's work.

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