Monday, December 29, 2008

FRESH PICKS LIMITED EDITIONS - Exhibition Quality, Archival Digital Prints

Philip Taffe Kabinet Exhibition @ Art Basel Miami 2008
Archival Ink Jet edition released with I.C. Editions in Nov. 2007.

David Hockney Digital Archival Inkjet Prints @ Richard Grey Gallery
Art Basel Miami 2008

Digital printing technology has evolved dramatically over the past years, and both the quality and the options for fine art prints have evolved along with these advancements.

Blue-chip artists such as David Hockney (a pioneer in using digital painting and printing methods), and ABMB '08 Kabinet-featured artist Philip Taffe have recently released, highly-covetable, limited-editions using the same materials and methods as the Fresh Picks editions. At the recent Art Basel Miami 2008, a sell-out series of digital prints by David Hockney were flying off the walls at $9,500.00 per print.

In 2007, Taffe released an archival inkjet print portfolio in an edition of 35 with I.C. Editions. ($3,000.00 USD for a portfolio of three, or $1,200.00 USD per single print.). New York-based I.C. Editions was established by Susan Inglett in 1991 to publish the work of both young and mid-career artists. To date she has published prints and multiples with artists including: Claes Oldenburg, Catherine Opie, Richard Prince, Terry Winters and Andrea Zittel.

Our Fresh Picks editions utilize all the advantages of digital fine art inkjet technology to create beautiful, textural, colour-saturated, archival prints. Our edition volume of 200 at the 10" x 12" size allows us to offer these prints at an amazing price for established and aspiring collectors. Both the fine-art paper and the inks used by Vantage have tested archival properties akin to other print-making methods. Estimates have the archival life span of both the pigments and papers tested for between 75-100 years. Of course, UV protection of any art work on paper further extends the life span of any print or drawing.

Our Fresh Picks editions currently use a high-end Roland professional fine art printer, Sunset heavy-pound archival paper and archival pigment inks. We are further privileged to work with fine art printer and a company that has over 30-years experience in the fine art market, including both digital printing, silkscreen and lithograph printing. (Thank-you Paul, Terry and Alicia for all of your diligence and support!)

Quite simply, our Fresh Picks editions are the most beautiful prints we can make for you with our goal of creating affordable and accessible contemporary art prints.

As technology advances, so do the opportunities for artists to expand their library of tools and materials. What's up next for Fresh Picks? Research into Epson's new revolution in solvent-based printing. Once just for commercial, outdoor applications, this instant drying, solvent-based printing technology is now entering the realm of fine art archival properties . The papers look and feel like chemical photographic medium. As a result, solvent printing seems on the verge of becoming an amazing medium for totally indelible and brilliantly saturated photographic prints.

New technology often raises comments and let's get the dialogue going...and I'll post some testimonials from our artists about how amazing our Fresh Picks prints really are!

- Jennifer (the resident technology geek)