Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lee Henderson collaborates with VAP on The Byron Aceman Collection

Talented up-and-coming Canadian writer Lee Henderson will be collaborating with Vantage Art Projects on THE BYRON ACEMAN collection, a project to archive and document the collection and to create a bound book publication showcasing and interpreting Mr. Aceman’s choices as a private collector.

Working with Mr. Henderson is an artistic pleasure as he is an avid supporter young contemporary artists through both his writing and curatorial projects in cities such as Vancouver and New York. As an art writer, Mr. Henderson is a frequent contributor to both Border Crossings magazine and Canadian Art Magazine. In September 2008 he launched his first novel with Penquin Books entitled “The Man Game”. More information about the author can be found on his personal website

Vantage Art Projects encourages discourse and writing about the arts through commissioned catalog essays and articles. For our private collections projects, story telling plays a key role in the interpretation of both the collection and the collector. A private collection is both a passion and a labour of love for the collector. Therefore, a collection of artworks is also a collection of stories; the stories about the individual artworks, the stories about the artists and the story about the collector and the nature of the collection. Vantage Art Projects provided collection archiving and evaluation services including photo-docmentation of the artworks including installation photographs showing the way Mr. Aceman lives and works with his collection.

The BYRON ACEMAN COLLECTION private publication with an interpretive forward by Lee Henderson will be published and released later in 2008, and launched at a VIP reception in Vancouver. For additional information about our Private Collection services please contact luisa@vantageartprojects. For ongoing information about our projects and services register for our “safe subscribe” mailing list at