Friday, April 24, 2009

Vantage Private Collections - The Byron Aceman Collection

Vantage Art Projects is proud to announce the launch of the private luxury publication chronicling the private art collection of Mr. Aceman.

We recognize that a private collection is both a passion and a labour of love for the collector. We further believe that a collection of artwork is also a collection of stories; the stories about the individual artworks, the stories about the artists and the story about the collector. For this reason, author Lee Henderson was commissioned to write an interpretive essay about Mr. Aceman and his collection. Mr. Henderson's first novel, The Man Game, was recently launched with Penguin Books.

"Private Collections" is an exclusive suite of services for private, corporate and institutional art collector/collections. These services include: collection archiving, documentation, valuation for insurance purposes, restoration and cataloging. Additionally, Vantage Art Projects can also provide selection and implementation of collection management software, collection installation and storage solutions.

As the nature of each collection varies, so does the price for each project. Please contact Sherri for further details at

More information on Lee Henderson

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