Monday, August 10, 2009

OLIO FESTIVAL - "The Shoe Show" opening at Grace Gallery, Friday Aug. 14/09

VANTAGE ART PROJECTS supports Olio Festival and the arts events and showings around Vancouver. Check out the artists showing at each venue and "The Shoe Show" at Grace Gallery, 1898 Main Street. Opening party Friday, August 14th at 8pm.

olio [oh-lee-oh] -noun, plural olios.

  1. a medley, as of musical or literary selections; miscellany.
  2. a mixture of heterogeneous elements; hodgepodge.
  3. a dish of many ingredients.


Olio Festival is a not-for-profit Vancouver based cultural expose focused on bringing together taste-making music, comedy, design, art, and film to Vancouver, from across Canada, and around the world. As a reflection of the diversity of both the artists and the city, Olio festival moves through the neighborhoods of Vancouver creating exposure for businesses across the city.