Monday, November 30, 2009

Curator Dave Dyment Watches Iain Baxter on Television - CODE Screen 2010 Exhibition 6

Old Televisions and Super 8 Film Stock inspires Dave Dyment, CODE Screen 2010 Curator.

(Artwork at left by Iain Baxter). As a countdown to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, CODE Screen 2010 will animate your screen and captivate your imagination. By the end of the Games, CODE Screen 2010 will have showcased the work of more than 100 of Canada's finest creators, including recipients of the Governor General's Award for Visual and Media Arts.

Enjoy the works of artists including Alex Janvier, Michael Snow, Aganetha Dyck and Kenneth Lochhead in 14 exhibitions curated by Kate Armstrong, Dave Dyment, Donna Wawzonek, Nathalie deBlois, Milena Placentile and Daina Warren.

The best way to experience CODE Screen 2010 is to install the application putting you one click away from all the content. You'll receive an automatic prompt whenever a new exhibit is launched. Or come back to whenever you need an art break.

Catch Exhibition 6 to the end of November. Test Pattern curated by Dave Dyment featuring Governor General Award Winner Iain Baxter, with Collin Zipp, Kelly Mark, Janet Morton, Aaron Carpenter, Germaine Koh and Sara Angelucci.