Monday, February 15, 2010

Vantage Art Projects launches 2 new art wikizines

Vantage Art Projects has started two "wikizines" on Zimbio called "New Contemporary Art" and "art+tek" (about new media and technology based art).

A wikizine is an online magazine that aggregates and re-purposes content often published first in other publications. The purpose of the wikizine is to extend the reach of the article/information through a secondary, community based distribution network.

Please submit either unique articles or articles and press releases published elsewhere about New Contemporary Art or Art and Technology to build the distribution of your news, exhibition announcements and reviews, and new art writing.

There is no charge for this service - as part of our mandate Vantage Art Projects seeks to create opportunities for artists and to bridge art lovers with exciting new talent.

New Wikizines:

New Contemporary Art


Go to Pitch Engine Social Media Release about new art wikizines>>